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Inflation Reduction Act Brings More Solar & Battery Incentives

Yesterday, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law, a massive $750 bill healthcare, tax, and climate bill that some are calling “the largest climate investment in American history”. Included in this bill are several new and enhanced …

Webinar: Investing in Clean Community Energy Resilience

TerraVerde Energy is pleased to announce that we are proudly sponsoring The Climate Center’s Investing in Climate Action for Jobs, Health, and Equity webinar series. Coming up on March 23, Ali Chehrehsaz, our CEO, will be presenting as part of …

CASH’s 2022 Annual Conference on School Facilities

TerraVerde is pleased to announce that we are proudly sponsoring and attending California’s Coalition for Adequate School Housing’s 2022 Annual Conference on School Facilities, February 23-25, 2022 at the Sacramento SAFE Credit Union Convention Center.

We’ll be exhibiting in Booth

Time Is Running Out For New Solar & Battery Projects

In California, time is running out for new solar & battery projects. SGIP battery incentive funding continues to dwindle rapidly. And a recent proposed decision from the CPUC could wipe out the economic value of new solar projects. Thus it …

Petaluma City Schools to Install Microgrids to Lower Costs & Increase Resiliency

Petaluma, California – At last month’s Board meeting, Petaluma City Schools made the decision to move forward with deploying two new solar + battery microgrids.

The Petaluma City School District consists of 7,500 students, 860 staff members, seven elementary schools …

CalChoice & TerraVerde Partner on Solar & Battery Programs in Southern California

San Francisco, Calif – The California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) and TerraVerde Energy are teaming up to bring an innovative solar & battery program to several communities in Southern California.

CalChoice is a Joint Powers Authority that provides Community Choice …

ACWA Selects TerraVerde As Their Preferred Provider

TerraVerde Energy is pleased to announce that the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) has selected TerraVerde as their Preferred Provider for energy consulting services. ACWA’s network of Preferred Providers support ACWA member agencies with relevant products and services needed …

Solar Value Deflation: A Feature, Not a Bug


According to a recent study published by The Breakthrough Institute, the value of solar in California’s wholesale electricity market has fallen by around 37% since 2014 relative to other sources of electricity …

Only Months Left To Submit New Solar & Battery Projects!

In California, there are only a few months left to submit new solar and battery projects to secure the current NEM benefits and rich battery incentives.


The Current NEM Program Is Closing Soon

As highlighted in our recent article

The Distributed PPA Program for CCAs

1.1 GW of New Distributed Solar is Installed in California Each Year

Electricity customers in California’s Investor-Owned Utility markets have installed an average of 1.1 GW of new behind-the-meter solar PV systems each year. Customer needs for resiliency and clean …