The Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation proposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) establishes requirements for public agencies (including public utilities) to purchase a specified percentage of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) as part of their new vehicle purchases. If the regulation is ratified as proposed, starting in 2024, fleet owners would be required to add ZEVs per the following schedule. Starting January 1, 2024, 50% of the total number of vehicle additions to the fleet in each calendar year must be ZEVs. Starting January 1, 2027, 100% of the total number of vehicle additions to the fleet in each calendar year must be ZEVs. Proceedings regarding the ACF regulation are still underway. A hearing was conducted October 27, 2022. Hundreds of written and verbal comments have been collected and are currently under consideration by the Board. Although a final vote by CARB on the proposed regulation isn’t scheduled, it is expected that regulation will be approved by early next year. You can find the latest version of the proposed regulation here.

  • Percentage of New Vehicle Purchases that Must Be ZEV


regarding CARB’s ACF Regulation

  • Assemble required content for April 2024 CARB reporting
  • Identify vehicle & charging requirements
  • Assess costs, funding sources, and incentives
  • Map out schedule & plan

prep for initial wave of electric vehicles

  • Select vehicles & charging equipment
  • Select site(s)
  • Assess charge management solutions, rate optimization opportunities, solar PV & battery opportunities
  • Initiate utility coordination
  • Site engineering & design

for initial wave of electric vehicles

  • Complete site & utility electrical upgrades (as-needed)
  • Install charging and other equipment
  • Integrate vehicle, charging and building energy management systems (as-needed)
  • Organize training for operations and maintenance staff

of your electric vehicle fleet

  • Monitor vehicle and charging equipment performance, and utility costs
  • Ongoing training
  • LCFS revenue generation


TerraVerde can provide your agency with a clear, actionable assessment of your options, costs, challenges, and opportunities; enabling your team to take an intelligent, risk-mitigated approach to fleet electrification.

Electric Vehicle Option Assessment

  • Evaluate current fleet composition & utilization (content for first April 2024 CARB report)
  • Identify electric vehicle options & costs (kWh, GVWR, operational function)
  • Map out timeline of expected vehicle electrification schedule

Usage Analysis & Charging Needs

  • Identify applicable charging equipment options & costs (kW)
  • Evaluate drive-cycle / duty-cycle of existing fleet (including ancillary equipment)
  • Quantify vehicle electricity consumption and costs

Incentives & Funding Sources Assessment

  • Identify applicable incentives & fundings sources (e.g., Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, HVIP, utility programs)
  • Assess revenue opportunities from the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credit program


  • Market-Leading Expertise  |  TerraVerde has a deep understanding of the regulatory compliance requirements, equipment options & costs, incentives & fundings sources, and revenue opportunities
  • Independent Advisors  |  TerraVerde provides an objective perspective for your agency as you consider the road ahead for your fleet electrification journey
  • Proven Track Record Serving Public Agencies  |  TerraVerde has proudly served California public agencies since 2009, and serves as ACWA’s preferred provider for fleet electrification planning services