The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) regulation establishes requirements for public agencies (including public utilities) to purchase a specified percentage of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) as part of their new vehicle purchases. Starting in 2024, fleet owners are required to add ZEVs per the following schedule. Starting January 1, 2024, 50% of the total number of vehicle additions to the fleet in each calendar year must be ZEVs. Starting January 1, 2027, 100% of the total number of vehicle additions to the fleet in each calendar year must be ZEVs. As an alternative, fleet managers may choose CARB’s Milestone Option which de-links the obligation to integrate ZEVs from the fleet manager’s new-vehicle purchase decision, and instead, establishes a commitment to convert portions of the fleet by target dates specified by the Air Resources Board. To establish a baseline that CARB can effectively monitor, fleet managers are required to provide a complete list and description of all vehicles in the current fleet by April of 2024.

  • Percentage of New Vehicle Purchases that Must Be ZEV


regarding CARB’s ACF Regulation

  • Assemble required content for April 2024 CARB reporting
  • Identify vehicle & charging requirements
  • Assess costs, funding sources, and incentives
  • Map out schedule & plan

prep for initial wave of electric vehicles

  • Select vehicles & charging equipment
  • Select site(s)
  • Assess charge management solutions, rate optimization opportunities, solar PV & battery opportunities
  • Initiate utility coordination
  • Site engineering & design

for initial wave of electric vehicles

  • Complete site & utility electrical upgrades (as-needed)
  • Install charging and other equipment
  • Integrate vehicle, charging and building energy management systems (as-needed)
  • Organize training for operations and maintenance staff

of your electric vehicle fleet

  • Monitor vehicle and charging equipment performance, and utility costs
  • Ongoing training
  • LCFS revenue generation


TerraVerde can provide your agency with a clear, actionable assessment of your options, costs, challenges, and opportunities; enabling your team to take an intelligent, risk-mitigated approach to fleet electrification.

Electric Vehicle Option Assessment

  • Evaluate current fleet composition & utilization (content for first April 2024 CARB report)
  • Identify electric vehicle options & costs (kWh, GVWR, operational function)
  • Map out timeline of expected vehicle electrification schedule

Usage Analysis & Charging Needs

  • Identify applicable charging equipment options & costs (kW)
  • Evaluate drive-cycle / duty-cycle of existing fleet (including ancillary equipment)
  • Quantify vehicle electricity consumption and costs

Incentives & Funding Sources Assessment

  • Identify applicable incentives & fundings sources (e.g., Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, HVIP, utility programs)
  • Assess revenue opportunities from the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credit program


  • Market-Leading Expertise  |  TerraVerde has a deep understanding of the regulatory compliance requirements, equipment options & costs, incentives & fundings sources, and revenue opportunities
  • Independent Advisors  |  TerraVerde provides an objective perspective for your agency as you consider the road ahead for your fleet electrification journey
  • Proven Track Record Serving Public Agencies  |  TerraVerde has proudly served California public agencies since 2009, and serves as ACWA’s preferred provider for fleet electrification planning services