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Solar PV systems generate clean, low-cost electricity and in many cases can deliver meaningful energy cost savings benefits by reducing electric utility bills. In addition, solar PV systems are able to generate revenue through the monetization of Renewable Energy Certificates.

Battery energy storage systems are also power resources for generating financial benefits. Similar to solar, batteries can lower electric utility bills by reducing a facility’s peak demand, and shifting load to less expensive hours of the day. In addition, batteries can generate revenue by participating in emerging grid services and distributed energy resources programs.

When combined with the proper controls, switching, and load management technologies, solar PV & battery energy storage systems can also operate as a microgrid to provide backup power support for critical loads during power outages such as wildfire related Public Safety Power Shutoff events, heat-wave related rolling blackouts, and unplanned outages.


The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) provides an incentive for both stand-alone solar and solar + battery projects. This incentive currently provides a tax credit of 26% of the project costs. Third-party project owners can claim this benefit and share this value with site hosts through reduced agreement payments. This incentive will soon begin stepping down in value annually at the end of 2022.

California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) is a rebate program that provides incentives for battery energy storage systems (along with other energy technologies). Based on the location of the project and the type of facility where the project will be deployed, SGIP rebates cover between ~30-100% of the cost of the project. Given the rich incentive levels, and substantial battery project demand, funding for this incentive program is expected to be fully subscribed in 2021.

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TerraVerde is a leading independent energy consulting firm proudly supporting clients with the design and deployment of energy projects and programs that reduce costs, increase resiliency (backup power), and enhance sustainability. Over the past 12 years, we have supported the successful implementation of over 100 MWs of distributed solar PV and battery energy storage systems for which we provided independent technical and financial feasibility analyses, project development (competitive solicitation) support, project implementation management (overseeing design, interconnection, incentive applications, and construction), and continue to provide ongoing asset management services (performance monitoring, operations & maintenance, revenue program management, detailed energy & financial performance reporting) for a portfolio of nearly 400 solar PV & battery energy storage systems.


TerraVerde Energy leverages objective expertise to support clients in designing and developing energy savings & resiliency projects. In addition, TerraVerde Energy provides on-going asset management services to ensure that projects deliver on pre-deployment expectations.

Feasibility Assessment

Energy Usage Evaluation
System Sizing & Modeling
Backup Power Assessment
Funding & Incentives Evaluation
Financial Projections

Project Development

Develop RFP Package
Administer Solicitation
Evaluate Responses
Provide Selection Guidance
Negotiate Contracts

Project Implementation

Oversee Vendor Including:
Design Completion
Permitting & Incentives
Construction Management
System Commissioning

Asset Management

Performance Optimization
Active System Monitoring
Operations & Maintenance
Revenue Management
Financial Analysis & Reporting