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How battery energy storage systems can reduce CCAs GHG emissions

In our previous TerraBlog post, How CCAs can model and deploy DERs, we shared the process and results for modeling energy storage systems for CCA customers with existing solar systems under the NEM tariff. Part of this process included …

How Energy Master Planning Keeps your Energy Costs Down

You may wonder what the best, most effective way is to lower your energy costs. The answer is a comprehensive approach that addresses both your current and your future energy demands through a new approach called Energy Master Planning. …

How CCAs can model and deploy battery energy storage systems and DERs

With the rapid emergence of community choice energy agencies (CCAs) throughout the state, California schools, municipalities and other public agencies are well positioned to take advantage of the new choice in how their electricity is supplied. For most public agencies, …

New Sources of Revenue and Cost Savings for Water Agencies, Schools and Other Public Agencies Using Battery Storage

As SCE continues to increase the demand charge component of TOU rate structures, public agencies in SCE territory are considering the benefits of energy storage using batteries to shave peak demand and reduce monthly utility bills.  While battery storage systems

Prop 39 Deadline Gets Extended and How to Get Ready for Summer 2018 Construction

Earlier this week, the Governor signed, AB 110, legislation that extends Prop 39: the Clean Energy Jobs Act, indefinitely. If you haven’t previously developed a Prop 39 Plan to claim funding for your District, you now have until February 26,