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CARB’s Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation: To Whom And What Does It Apply?

Between medium, heavy and light-duty vehicles, CARB estimates that ACF applies to just over a half million vehicles. Which fleets & vehicles have to comply?

Deadline Approaching for Valuable DOE Grant Program

The Department of Energy is seeking applications for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (EECBG).  The program has been funded with $550,000,000. Project information submittals are due July 31, 2023.

Exemption Paths In CARB’s Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

A closer look at the exemption pathways provided in the California Air Resources Board's Advanced Clean Fleets regulation


Possible Flooding in California And Potential Impacts To Energy Infrastructure

On Tuesday, May 16th, TerraVerde Energy is hosting a panel discussion with industry leaders and other stakeholders to discuss possible flooding and potential impacts to energy infrastructure.

CARB Adopts Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

Today, the California Air Resources Board formally adopted the Advanced Clean Fleets regulation which requires a swift and complete shift away from conventional vehicles to Zero-Emission Vehicles for public agency fleets (among others).

ACWA 2023 Spring Conference & Expo

ACWA’s 2023 Spring Conference & Expo

TerraVerde is pleased to announce that we will attending and exhibiting in-person at ACWA’s 2023 Spring Conference & Exhibition, May 9...

CASBO 2023 Annual Conference

TerraVerde is pleased to announce that we are proudly sponsoring and attending CASBO’s 2022 Annual Conference & California School Business Expo, April 4-7 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Expected Challenges In Electrifying Water Agency Vehicle Fleets

In the following article we summarize the responses to a water agency vehicle fleet survey, explain the relationship between vehicle weight and energy consumption, discuss ambient temperature impacts on EV range, explain how we calculate the onboard battery storage (kWh) capacity needs of these vehicles, and we reveal the significant challenge that many water agencies will face in finding suitable, feasible EV replacements.

group of EV charging stations

Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation Update

On February 13, 2023, CARB hosted a workshop to discuss the latest updates to the proposed Advanced Clean Fleet regulation.

The CPUC Has Finalized Their NEM Decision

Proceedings have come to a conclusion around the future of distributed solar projects in California. On December 15th, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) formally adopted the new Net Billing Tariff as a successor to the Net Energy Metering program.