You may wonder what the best, most effective way is to lower your energy costs. The answer is a comprehensive approach that addresses both your current and your future energy demands through a new approach called Energy Master Planning. Similar to facilities master planning, Energy Master Planning provides a strategic roadmap for decreasing your operating costs, generating reliable savings over time, and meeting future energy demands.

This strategic approach enables you to optimize your existing assets while hedging against future energy risks and sustainably managing your energy footprint.. ­­It works by: 1) identifying inefficiencies and opportunities, 2) assessing and planning for utility grid reliability challenges, 3) quantifying the return on investment for conservation and energy generation solutions, and 4) developing a multi-phased, portfolio approach implementation plan with funding and financing options.

As California’s energy markets rapidly evolve, the risks to receiving reliable, cost-effective energy has increased. Many organizations are realizing that they are not sufficiently prepared for, or even aware of, all of the changes in the energy sector that will be impacting their costs and operations. Some factors creating cost and operational risks include shifts in time-of-use electricity periods and rates, utility bankruptcy, and reduced reliability in power due to the fire-preventative planned outages by the utilities.

With increasing risk, there is actually greater value in proactively engaging with your energy usage. Today, the more that you control your energy consumption and provision onsite solar and energy storage, the less that those uncertainties will impact your energy costs in the future.

Energy Master Planning also helps organizations create a roadmap for reaching their greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. Local governments, in particular, benefit from the actionable implementation plans that help them achieve their Climate Action Plan goals.

While some organizations question whether Energy Master Planning is worth the upfront cost, time and effort, the truth is that proactive engagement with energy usage pays off. The return on investment for energy projects is much higher when energy is proactively managed, versus dealt with as a one-off fix to inefficient or broken systems. You would not modernize or build a new facility without a design or plans, so why not address your energy needs with a plan?

Increasingly, Energy Master Planning not only helps you to manage your energy spend, but can also unlock opportunities to gain revenue from onsite distributed energy resources. California’s rapidly proliferating Community Choice Aggregation agencies (CCAs), for instance, are increasingly incentivizing customers to install battery storage technologies. By engaging in the Energy Master Planning process, you can determine the prospects of your facilities for such emerging new revenue opportunities.

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