Solar PV & battery energy storage systems are able to generate incredible financial benefits through both cost savings and revenue opportunities. However, given the technical nature of the operating profiles of these technologies and the complex utility billing arrangements associated with these systems, many project stakeholders are left with ambiguous uncertainties around one of the key performance indicators for these projects; namely how much money they are actually saving.

As independent energy advisors, TerraVerde Energy supports clients with evaluating and deploying solar & battery projects. In addition, our asset management services program provides the ongoing technical oversight needed to ensure peak financial performance from these systems. Leveraging Solar Shadow, TerraVerde’s performance monitoring and asset management software platform, our asset management team provides our clients with transparent, accurate reporting on both the energy & financial performance of their systems, including actual vs. expected:

  • system performance
  • energy usage
  • financial performance

These financial performance figures include a detailed analysis of the actual avoided electric utility costs, which is a factor of: system performance, energy usage, and utility rate structures (including mid-year rate changes). Using the utility billing engine features built within Solar Shadow, TerraVerde is able to analyze utility meter, solar meter, battery meter, and rate data to produce an accurate accounting of the actual avoided energy costs being delivered by a project.

Based on the financial reporting delivered to our asset management clients to date…

TerraVerde has delivered $50,434,088.20 in net financial benefits to our clients.

Net Financial Benefits = actual avoided electric utility costs + project revenues – expenses

  • Do you know what you are saving from your solar & battery systems?
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  • Interested in an objective assessment of how you might benefit from solar, battery, or microgrid projects?

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