TerraVerde is a leading independent energy consulting firm proudly supporting Community Choice Energy Aggregators (CCAs) with customer programs. Informed by our 12 years of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) project & program development expertise, we have extensive experience in supporting CCAs with the design, development, and implementation of customer programs. In support of our work with CCAs, TerraVerde has developed software solutions that enable us to ingest CCA procurement cost data and customer meter data at scale, perform segment analysis to identify target customers, and run detailed analysis of the impacts of potential and existing programs for both CCAs and customers. Our expertise on both the retail and wholesale sides of the California’s electricity market empowers our innovative approach to supporting CCAs with developing customer DER programs. Some of our clients & programs include:

Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy’s
Distributed Power Purchase Agreement Program

Peninsula Clean Energy’s
Distributed Resource Adequacy Program

Sonoma Clean Power’s
Battery Backup Evaluation Program


Uniquely aligning CCA & customer interests on behind-the-meter solar + battery projects

TerraVerde’s Distributed PPA Program enables CCAs to partner with customers in deploying behind-the-meter solar + battery projects. Under this program framework, CCAs engage target customers with a cost savings and energy resiliency offering in the form of a solar + battery program agreement. Upon securing interest from a cohort of customers, the CCA, then procures a Distributed Solar + Battery PPA from developers for projects sited at these customer locations. Based on the pricing received from the market, the CCA then offers the electricity generated from the deployed solar PV systems to their cohort of customers at a rate that is higher than the Distributed PPA rate but lower than the customer’s standard (or otherwise applicable) rates thus:

  • Lowering customer costs & providing backup power benefits
  • Generating a new revenue source for the CCA
  • Overcoming the revenue loss challenge posed by the behind-the-meter generation
  • Developing a DER portfolio that generates significant procurement cost savings for the CCA
  • Building a long-term relationship between CCAs and their customers