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Leveraging Available Incentives to Increase School Energy Resiliency

5.27.2021 @ 10:00 AM

Schools need cheaper, more reliable electricity. With the increased frequency of power shutoff events and other power outages, schools need backup power resources. And with energy rates continue to climb and shift, schools need resources that can help them control their energy costs and save money. When paired with solar, batteries can provide both backup power and cost savings benefits to schools. In this virtual event, David Burdick & Phil Villagomez of TerraVerde Energy will be sharing from their team’s experience supporting schools (such as Visalia Unified School District, Palmdale School District, and Petaluma City Schools) with battery energy storage projects. We will discuss how changes in energy reliability and rates are impacting schools, the latest on funding & incentives for these projects (specifically the fast moving SGIP incentive program), methods for assessing the Economic Value of Resilience, and how schools can take action in lowering energy costs and increasing energy resiliency.