With changes in solar pricing, new electricity rates, incentives and financing options coming and going, do you know how to evaluate whether solar and/or storage is right for your organization?

You’ve seen solar projects popping up everywhere, heard the stories of promised savings, and wondered if your facilities are right for investment in solar.  And what about battery storage, a new way to reduce ever higher demand charges?

A few questions to ask:


Site Selection

Do you know which of your sites are suitable for solar and/or battery installation to provide you with the most electricity bill savings? 

Contracting Strategy

Do you know the benefits of solar ownership versus a power purchase agreement? Have you considered battery ownership, shared savings, or lease financing structures?

Project Management Oversight

Do you have the staff to effectively evaluate your options, lead a competitive procurement process, and manage construction? 


We can help you answer these questions and more!

If you are like most of our clients, you quickly realized that the expertise, technical specialization, and analytical capabilities of your own organization may not be sufficient to handle a custom and complex task like solar project development.  And beyond that, correct modeling, procurement, and installation of such a project would require staff time and resources that may be prohibitive without assistance.

TerraVerde can help you take the first step in understanding your options, and developing a comprehensive energy savings project plan.