Here are some of the projects we have developed and managed from feasibility through to operation!

Clovis Unified 5.8MW Solar PV $52,500,000 25yr. Savings

Visalia Unified 2.4MW Solar PV $25,200,000 25yr. Savings

Corcoran Unified 1.33MW Solar PV $5,057,000 25yr. Savings

Golden Valley Unified 1.13MW Solar PV $9,620,000 25yr. Savings

Petaluma City Schools 1.10MW Solar PV $10,100,000 25yr. Savings

Firebaugh Las-Deltas Unified 0.91MW Solar PV $9,013,000 25yr. Savings

Fowler Unified 0.84MW Solar PV $10,155,000 25yr. Savings

Monterey Peninsula Unified 0.82MW Solar PV $5,860,000 25yr. Savings

Wright ESD 0.53MW Solar PV $4,179,000 25yr. Savings

Inyo County 0.43MW Solar PV $2,399,000 25yr. Savings

YMCA Santa Rosa, 0.27MW Solar PV $868,000 25yr. Savings

Big Pine Unified 0.20MW Solar PV $1,552,000 25yr. Savings