By: David Burdick

Solar Requires A Completely Different Dashboard

I recently had the opportunity to drive Tesla’s new Model 3. Self-driving, lightning fast, and ninja quiet, it is truly a completely different driving experience. One of the most noticeable differences from the driver’s seat is the dashboard. When you …

Is It Time To Buyout Your Solar PPA

It’s been more than ten years since the passage of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and Federal Solar Tax Credit legislation. Since then, public & private entities across California have deployed solar as a part of their sustainability and energy …

The Top 5 Ways Solar Owners Lose Money

How much money did you lose last year on your solar investment?

In California alone, we’ve seen 21 gigawatts of solar (photovoltaic) installed, representing $42.7 billion in capital investments. The deployment of these systems is only the first step in …

City Loses Thousands. Discovered Their Solar Was Off For 3 Years.

Imagine this. You are hired as an intern for a local government agency and tasked with creating an inventory of their solar and battery systems. As you are developing your list, you arrive at one of the solar sites, and